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We’re gonna take some callers right now and the first caller we got on line 1 is…
(Money Mike from ChiTown)
What’s goin on Money Mike how you feelin’ tonight (just chillin’, chillin’)
Ok, ok, are you feelin’ the songs that Mickey Factz is playin’?
(Man, Mickey Factz is the man, you know I’m lovin’ it)
Aw man, that’s crazy man, so what’s goin on with you and your relationship status in Chicago?
(Man I don’t wanna talk about that)
Man, you sure man?
(Man I just broke up with my girl and moved to the hood cause of it from the suburbs)
Aw man, I’m sorry to hear that man
(I know I’m gonna be back up there)
Ok ok, let me ask you a Mickey Factz question, what is your favourite Mickey Factz song?
Yea, “Rockin’ and Rollin’” the Googhenheine!

Aw man, we can’t play that tonight but we appreciate you for comin’ up here and you know, you know, lettin’ your voice be heard out here on W-LLL radio, you know what I’m sayin’. Thank you Money Mike. Have a good night

Alright, caller on Line 2, what’s goin’ on man
(oh shit, I-I got through?)
Yea, you got through man, what’s goin on?
(So what you talkin’ about, Mickey is there, I’m about to talk to Mickey)
Mickey is here, you wanna speak to Mickey?
(Let me speak to Mickey real quick)
Alright yo Mick, somebody wanna holla at you
MF: What’s goin’ on man, what’s goin’ on, what’s up man?
(Yo Mickey son, I’m glad you’re back bro, yo this is Sheldon from Brooklyn)
MF: Sup Shel?
(I been a fan for the longest, I been on from, from, since like you know, I’m Better Than You, I got your whole catalogue from since then, how you been?)
MF: I been good man, you know, a little turbulence but we back now, you know what I’m sayin
(that’s all that matters)
MF: That’s all that matters. So what’s up man, whatchu doin’ tonight man, where your lady at, you know what’s goin’ on?
(Yo real talk, shorty been, she been acting a way lately, you know, I’m about to throw on your old mixtapes, maybe Alpha or something then I heard you was gonna be on the radio show, Larry Love, like you know, he was promotin’ it, I’m like yo I can’t miss that)
MF: Right right right right right, so, so – when you heard Love.Lust.Lost I whats the difference between this and the songs we been playin’ tonight? Well like, what do you feel is like the difference between both of those tapes?
(To be honest, I feel like I loved Lust I, like you know, I feel as if Mickey was like, you know at his low. Right now it look like Mickey have it a little better, like you know, change in his lifestyle, you know his love life you know it got better. So I really respect him, the songs he’s puttin’ out is straight fire, I can’t even, I can’t even like you know knock it, it’s great)
MF: I definitely am in a better place in my life and I feel like I should express that and hopefully the people can take that and gravitate toward it in a nice way you know what I’m sayin’
(Definitely nothin’ wrong with that)
MF: Well you know Sheldon I appreciate that, I hope to see you at the tour, on Love.Lust.Lost tour, I mean the Red or Blue Pill you know what I’m sayin’, I hope to see you there
(you definitely gon’ see me there, November, I’ll be out there)

Alright already, you know what I’m sayin’, caller number 3 what’s going on man?
(What’s goin on this your boy Bryan Anthony from Long Island, 516 stand up)
What’s up Bryan, how you feelin’ tonight
(I’m good man, I’m great)
Alright man so tell me about your love life, what’s goin on there
(Oh man, I mean, I got a girl but uh, she left me man)
She left you? Why she left you?
(I dunno, I ain’t on, I ain’t on my A-game man, I gotta step it up)
Well you know, you know this is the love hour, so hopefully – what’s her name man?
(Her name is Kayla)
Aight Kayla listen, ifyou listenin’ to the Love Hour give this man a call (please!)
You know what I’m sayin cause he’s clearly missin’ you (baby I’m sorry)
Yea he’s clearly simpin’ right now so listen, you been listenin’ to these Mickey Factz records, what’s your favourite record so far that we’ve played tonight or maybe what’s your favourite records out right now that he’s playin’
(I love “Scattered” man, I just hope Mickey can play “Rescattered” man, I heard he’s got a sequel to that)
Alright well Mick, I know you did “Rescattered” and I know you put it out earlier so we gonna get into that right now, you know what I’m sayin’ you know and I want you to let the people know where you’re gonna be hittin’ with the tours and where you’re gonna be at and let them know what’s goin’ on and where you’re gonna be at
MF: Well you know, we goin’ New York, Philly, North Carolina, Orlando, Bean-Town, Boston, Chiraq, St. Louis, New Orleans, Memphis, ATL, DC, Fort Wayne, Indianna, Columbus, and Cincinatti we hittin’ all them cities. If you wanna know where the venues at please go to the Instagram, Facebook or the Twitter and you know, come check your boy out, Red or Blue Pill tour baby. By the way, “Rescattered” coming up right now

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