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Reality Real


Real, reality, reality real
Real, reality, reality real
I'm showing y'all how reality feels
I hope to stay alive before reality kills
Let's talk about it
Reality real
Real, reality, reality real
I hope to stay alive before reality kills
Reality real

[Verse 1]
It's not easy watching your friends leave
Or taking care of your friends needs
My homegirl tried to sell me a 10-speed
I couldn't buy it cuz my account was empty
And when the money dries up
Friends scramble to break fast
Just to see they sunny side up
None of these dummies got bucks, they just
Know I rap like when the mummy rise up
I spent months in my room on the damn floor
Ton of girls coming through I was a man whore
Black bras, black thongs, funny they ain't avoid me
I still got black balled
That's why the girls hate him
Still trying to achieve, I got the world waiting
I ain't lazy, I learned patience
I know the first 3 seasons of Grey's Anatomy verbatim
I'm living life through a drama show
Felt like Preston Burke dating Sandra O
Cardio doctor with a heart of gold
Said the wrong shit and they told that man he gotta go
I really don't like to party though
[?] asks me all the time if I wanna go
I used to, but nowadays it's probably no
I wouldn't even step foot in club Monaco
Vamonos, disappear I'm a ghost
I just need a Playstation and a bottle close
I want a threesome with a model most
I hope she know a good-bye, cuz adios
Hoping the sun 'ill shine more
Con Ed threatened to cut the lights off
Time lost, I'm past [?] but can't drive
The fans watch me as a URL mascot
I'm tied down like an ascot
There's only damn near pennies in the stash box
How can I survive shit like this
I dropped out of NYU to live like this?
My producer is damn near homeless
He still move smooth like he cashmere coated
I'm past being focused
Mickey mouse that was last years opus
And fans barely noticed
Went from getting checks everyday
To waiting on a label check any day
Well anyway, many say I'm exiled
And my man French is holding the X down
Man fuck being the best now
I wanna to settle down I'm trying be a chef now
Until then I infect crowds with West Nile
Pull the mask off and start spitting like reptile
I was freshman in XXL, wind up in debt and stuck inside the hell
The Achievement going to drop? Aggh fuck it, oh well..


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