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Room 306

[Verse 1]
I know you’re asking today
How long will it take
Somebody’s asking how long will prejudice blind the visions of men
I come to say to you this afternoon
However difficult the moment
However frustrating the hour
It will not be long
Because the truth of the Earth will rise again
How long not long
Because no lie can live forever (that’s right)
How long not long

[Verse 2]
Left in the desert
Without a water can
He seen the baby just like a sonogram
Martin ran to get us on the plan
Reached the mountain top to stand and saw the promise land
April 4 the murder night
Marching for the workers strike down in Tennessee where the bourbon ride
Just turned 39 he was learning life
Stayed at the Lorraine because he heard its nice
Brother Ralph was shaving Reverend Cals was pacing
Its 4 o’clock Billy’s house was waiting
Supposed to have dinner at 6 what happened
Jesse Jackson band arrived to come practice
Madness the three preachers in the room laughing
Masking the prophetic speech Martin had landed

[Verse 3]
5:45 on the balcony
Jesse wanted to introduce his man like the cavalry
Martin said come up through the stairs on the side of me
Leaning over the rail talking to Rembrandt in his dress pants
Till Mr. King’s head with a dum dum bullet then
Everything switched everything’s missed
Joy and happiness or the revelling shifts to a mezzanine pitch
Eerily what appears to be a lone shooter saying I’m innocent
It’s conspiracy

[Verse 4]
You know we are kings and queens (mistaken)
Mistaken for the enemy
You know we will overcome (you know we will overcome)
We won’t stop (we won’t stop)
We won’t stop till the race is won

[Verse 5]
There was a shooter planted in Bessy Brewers
That was the boarding house for the petty looters
Remington rifle they said was not involved
6:01 MLK was shot in the jaw
Bullet Knocked him back he wasn’t on the railing
Feet hung off of the balcony they were flailing
Knot on his tie was upside down
Cigarette was still in his hand
The gun got found
He died with his eyes open
Saw the promise land in heaven
Pronounced dead five minutes after seven
Man with a PhD fighting for rights of the people till he d i e
They were garbage workers
Think about it for a second
He gave up his life just so we could be respected
Well we know this
The dream still lives on
From Room 306 (room 306, room 306)
Room 306
I’m tired of coming back to 306
My Mama told me about a dream
Ever since I’ve been a king
And if you ever find yourself in a fix
Up to the balcony at 306
Room 306

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