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[Hook x4]
Move that ass in slow motion, do that for me baby

[Verse 1]
Who just stepped into the function?
Thicker than a snicker looking like a million bucks
Sorry I'm hella faded but you cake like Duncan
Hides from behind it's like starring at an onion
'Bout to lose my mind let me touch something
Stop teasing me, stop teasing me
Let me fuck or something
Skip all the conversation I'm not trying to be your husband
Plus married couples fight and I ain't in all that fussing
And neither should you be
Moving in slow motion while I'm feeling on your booty
Getting head on the sofa while I'm rolling up my doobie
Who we it be like a fly porno movie starring me
Big Mibbs and Miss thick, hot and juicy

[Hook x4]

[Verse 2]
Go ahead nigga savor y'all boys love to throw that cake
When I'm to the script put at work
Birthday suit get straight grown
Went from chicken heads giving head out by the payphones
Now me and breezy pull the same bitches out a gravestone
I stay on, peeko dipping mind be on that seat no flipping
Game HD when I pull up she can see the difference
I don't know , I suppose I just pillagrino bitches
Run 'em like water hitting corners got lucini
Hitting cornbread squatin lounges got you looking thick and true
Ain't no substitute for what this remmy and this dick will do
What it do, what it don't take a nap and fuck some more
Break your back then puff my smoke
Freaky thing she love slow mo

[Hook x4]

[Verse 3]
Puffing loud bright and early
In the clouds like I'm curvy
Strutting on my grown man's
Since I'm 'bout to hit my 30's
Man these hoes is so dirt
They be running around with herpes
Man these hoes is so thirst
Think they running out with slurpees
Anyhow, Minnie Mouse with the skimpy blouse
Look me in my eyes
Like she wanna lick me down get me mouth
Got a lady now, can't be shady now
No sir, now she proceed to break it down closer
No sir, Houston up in Onyx I ain't drinking give me tonic
While this chick is all up on me
Tryna pop it, stop it
Should stay my ass in and reject an invitation
Cause my mind is saying no
But my mini me is saying

[Hook x8]

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