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Still Better Than You

[Intro: Excerpt from an interview with Rick Ross]
It's a real beautiful day in the neighborhood and what people got to know is that the truth is far more sinister. And I expect him to clarify that

[Verse 1]
Factz, the inventor of the quill era
Created Mause so now I want real chedda
In 20-10 I said I'm better than you
Because I was ill tempered, Ocean's 11, still better
Bronx dude with a monster view
Living clean spending green like a blanca move
Y-3 Honda shoes that's lavish style
I'm just here standing out like Danny Brown
Japanese kicks, no jiu jitsu
My pen mightier than the sword, Yoshimitsu
Baggin' freaks for my satin sheets
Macaulay Culkin, once we home alone I'ma slap a cheek
I had the beat no marriage like LeBron so since she ain't get a ring
Now she can't stand the heat
Sad story for the shorty, lock the lion in if you want shit to get gory
I'm still better

[Rick Ross speaking]
Now, if you performed and somebody get in your way on the way out, you give them a haircut and sit them on the sidewalk

[Verse 2]
My old shorty wrote a book about me, shit is cool
But she old so I let my ex-pendable
Backstage girls yelling at the entrance gate
Let us next to a G like F and H
Prince in New York I'm a Casanova
I had a vision of Biggie smoking on marijuana
He said vanity got you shoulders acting boulders
Since you wanna be the prince, I'll put the apple on ya
I'm from a town where the guns blaow
And if you heard a buckshot, duck down
Tragedy in sight, the streets is like all the women I fuck
I never held a ratchet in my life
5 mill on YouTube, you know it's quite true
PBS is possible when the view is like you
Superhuman IQ, what's up shorty
Mario and Liugi couldn't give one up on me

[Outro: Rick Ross]
I don't understand it, because if it's somebody that's supposed to be from the jungle, in the jungle you're going to lock the lions out, you let the lions in, and lock em in

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