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Sway in the Morning Friday Fire Cypher 2016

Resurrected from divine systems
Blind, but I'm like Thor hoping to find vision
Tried pimping, but the game wasn't tryna listen
So I treated these chicks just like a side mission
Living stable with a wild pack like Silver Sable
Sharp ripping out hearts thinking of killing Kano
Chill with Kratos, mess around and get a halo
First person shoot a man from the future as Cable
The flow different like tomato, tomato
Or quote it different like Thanos or Thanos
The glove charging, all the gems get bombarded
You wack, no sales, not even a bum bought it
The victory is flawless, look at the one target
Red Dead Redemption, check out the gun harness
Love horses, stable mates, slug cartridge
Richter scale? I'm Nathan Drake, uncharted
One morning, it could turn to a dark night
I got a need for speed, you could tell that my car tight
Ask Denzel 'bout me in a barfight
Book of Eli, I'm doing it blind with foresight
Console, Coors Light, bear witness to the scuffle
One Punch Man hit Sonic with all knuckles
In the back of the tank, SOCOM in all jungles
Hear the ratchet go clank, you getting in more trouble
Every gadget get ranked, see, enemies and tactical flanks
They look like they got splattered with paint
I'm Superman, you can tell by the back of my cape
The Daily Planet is great
Casual clothes, pair of frames back on my face
I download every graphic I make
It sound cold, but I can even battle toads
With a milestone that was trapped in a safe
Nunchucks that I got from Michelangelo place
Look, the force strong, but I rip this data
Knowing if I get with Vader, Princess Leia
Gon' be my princess later, instant haters
Stuck with they hand solo, watching big tit manga
See, this ain't Sega, but I been around since the Genesis
Biblical, altered beast, check out my nemesis
Evil, residents, Mel Gibson evidence
Lethal weapon is fireballs and spinning kicks
I'm hearing perfect, shout it out from a distance
Killer instinct, I slit the throat of ya mistress
Turtles in time, I'm into deeper dimensions
Enough for me to tag team with the other Simpsons
Gotta save Maggie, I'm Dante with the heavy flairs
Everywhere, watching for snakes wearing metal gear
Heard that the devil may cry, we seeing heaven near
Spider-Man, I'm putting Max Dillon in electric chairs
I'm Hugh Jackman with a new accent
6 claws in adamantium fused talons
Get a hundred hit combo in a group challenge
And Sway, by the way, the real name is Bruce Banner
Yeah, that mean the flow is too gamma
And I could fly, teleport, I threw hammers
I'm Stan Lee in a cipher, Jack Kirby of writers
Frank Miller drawing lyrics in lightning
Bob Kane with a virus, Joss Whedon with a sinus eye drip
The black Tim Burton with reciting
I'm still Mickey with a few layers
A true player bag Lara Croft and then turned to a tomb raider
Replace the T with a W 'cause I'ma be down in her womb later
I'm giving her new flavor
Dual shock sex, it's a room shaker
I had to draft her to the team, yeah, I 2k’d her
The boy sick, head and tail, no coin flip
Arcade, she pushing my buttons, she enjoy stick
Brain good, but I call it memory though
If she forget she gon' die if her energy low
Where do you roll when you know that your enemies grow?
You turn into Max Payne and start letting it go
I went to the bat-cave as the Incredible Hulk
And then my arms had Bane in a treacherous hold
He needed a back brace for his skeleton, yo
He in the hospital watching That 70’s Show
You know, Mike Kelso
Comics in my hand like velcro
I make Megaman fight Elmo
Truly give 'em the Ibuki right elbow
The Duck Hunt champ, but I handle the knife well though
Look, I'm on the Key West tour at E3 with a deep sea PS4
All blue, all true, don't B.S., y'all
The bx raw, I'm harder than a cement floor
We dress warm, watch dog hacking into Chitown
Grand Theft Auto, I ride round with my pound
Link on my neck like Zelda, you see the ice 'round
Haters talk shit like Mario, tell 'em pipe down
I'm Neo playing Coleco
With gold on my body like C3PO
I saw Sub-Mariner trying to find Nemo
He caught Aquaman right up at the boat depot
I'm too infamous, these cowards'll never get me
Pet dolphin named Ecco, never Willy
I got me a DeLorean and paid 750
Watching Total Recall up in the televishiee
Or television, with a chick looking hella pretty
With heavy titties like Dead or Alive women feel me
I'm joyriding through Arkham, I've seen better cities
MauSe giving out paint, the people saying its epic, Mickey
Factz… ran through it like a Sonic stage
This is fire off the top, call me Johnny Blaze
Leave ya body covered in ice like Bobby Drake
Cause I'm Sherlock Holmes mixed with Doctor Strange
Cumberbatch with the gutter raps
Critics say I been a dick, Robin with a fucking bat
That's shocking… Remember Raiden?
Cut deeper than Ninja Gaiden, I'm elevating
For the fans, it's nothing to do with Kitana
No worries in my life, hakuna matata
Can't wait to be king, I'ma move in with Nala
Black panther looking like the human T'Challa
Dealer tried to sell me weed in the hallway
I don't smoke Mary Jane, but my aunt may
Fuck shoes, can't get with 'em, dog
I got a problem with Clarks like General Zod
So I got nothing but kicks like I'm missing my arms

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