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Triumphant (40 Bar Challenge)

Yeah, it's Mickey!
What I do, and what you do
Is two totally different things
I can do what you do
You can't do what I can do
You know? Black apple
Ima show you real quick though

[Verse 1]
Yeah, wherever you think he at
I'm at a level higher
I been through so many bars I need a breathalyzer
For instance, he a snitch wearing metal wires
I be screamin “Don’t Tell Em” like Jeremih
Never liable, Factz is undeniable
Career downhill, no brakes on your bicycle
No records sold, mean nobody reciting you
Fuck a bootleg, Johnny Deep wouldn't pirate you
You love bars 'til the lyrics leave heart broken
Your son's see a dead man with his arms folded
You shooting bricks [?] shoudler and we all know it
Which cat believes in magic, you got the wrong potion
No more gripes, your boy nice, foresight
Strong like Incredible Hulk fights, all night
You want a klondike, his broad might, all hype
Took her to McDonalds cuz the bitch had her arch right
You want a war right, let's punch
You only fought twice
He lost sight from a jaw strike, shark bite
Now you see what'll happen if we cross, right
He'll die in a bar fight, cuz his coors lights
My soul is disrespected I hear
I'm royalty, the Prince I'm the best with the flair
My pops is the king so I'm next for the chair
You're WI-FI, you just wanna connect with the air
Fly everyday, Y-3's my fashion
You're a fly in my way
High speed I pass em
I'm trying to ball like the hoosiers
Lean in back spin, he called a foul
But it's in my gene to hack men
You see what happened on the Triumph beat
You need another Method Man, call Iron Sheik
I'll send em to U-God, gravesite kinda deep
The cops digging like Rza when he tryin' to find a beat
No bones just a Ghostface in the sky for weeks
They gotta Inspectah Deck just to find your teeth
Torture them, with an apron on Chef frying beef
Stab them with a liquid sword, my Poseidon piece
I punch better, scheme better, rhyme better
My name Factz, all you do is lie better
This girl sending me flicks whenever I text her
Man, I had her on glide more than Clyde Drexel

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