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U Don't Know Who U Fuckin' Wit

Oh fuck dat whole bullshit
New rules

[Verse 1:]
Make sure life don’t stop from decisions
Dis about to be d end a dis world in a vision
Not a cone or Isaiah, I’m Gotti d rhyme slayer
Turpin time,valentine, divine, a noun sprayer
Trip to Portugal, neyo to oracle
International, jurassic, juranimo I can give ya
More game in a horoscope, too small to see like a microscope
Binocular view
But my vision telescopic, d optical view
Immaculine, verbal traffickin in tha fact
Tomb raider, rider, raider multiples sprayed up, multiples spray up
Gangstaz laid up, react wid K’s up, bang
Do ya mothafucking damn thang
Make everybody wanna do they damn thang
Rider redemption, you bitch niggas act like bitches
Move shit, break it down like bricks
In an out you can take d easy route, ima take d rider route
Chemical elements, d sulphur an d nickel route
Throw d nickel out an head south mothafucka

You don't know who you fuckin' wit
I don’t have time for this bullshit
(don’t really see no people, no people that have no vision)

[Verse 2:]
Nigga I’ll kill yo cat, call me a patsy
Jeranimo! Nigga get at me
It’s d promoter rip rider, bust in yo house like one a d membaz of d East Siders
Cause I’m d one who overthrew d king, it’s ma destiny like Frodo in d Lord o d Rings
I bring down d twin towers an I corch d crash, I fuck d statue a liberty in d ass
Nah I ain’t dissin, you know the issue’s kinda touchy
Got d whole world gang bangin in other countries
Oh, you know the issue’s kinda touchy
Got d whole world gang bangin in other countries


Oh (Oh) [x10]
Oh, oh, ooooooooooh

[Verse 3:]
Nigga get yo aim togetha, nigga get d range togetha
Nigga get yo friends togetha befo’ we levitate the lever
Ima show you som’n real hood, all bad nigga no good wid Eastwood in d free wood
Pickin our best biah Rosco don’t try, slow Stallone, d hell hogs all gone
DP in d GMC, ima show you mothafuckaz what you sposed to see
You know what (you know what)


Spotter don’ take off, fuck dese niggas

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