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[Intro: Mickey Factz]
Thank you, achievers

[Larry Love]
(W-LLL FM), Good Evening ladies and gentlemen
This is Larry Love
On the only station that gets your ears, minds, and hearts in the mood
W-LLL FM radio, as always I am joined by the Latin sensation
And as always I'd have every woman losing her mind
The young and DJ's only, DJ Ominaya
Say what's up to the people my good man

[DJ Ominiya]
Hey what's up party people out there, W-LLL FM
And tonight we are both here with a special segment tonight
Dedicated to the talented and incredible indie artist, Mickey Factz

[Larry Love]
Yes, he will be stopping by to play some new music and do some promoting on his own
But for now, we're gunna set the mood right, with the first song of the evening
Off his new project titled, Love.Lust.Lost 2, U(Q)
Right here on W-LLL FM radio, keep it locked

[Mickey Factz]
Yo, yo, yo, it's Mickey Factz
Right now I'm chillen with Larry Love and DJ Ominiya
On W-LLL FM, keep it locked baby, yeah!

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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