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Ok, alright (x6)

[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
Maximum, like you're looking at the Sun
Or looking like that's the one
I'm the greatest, look at my skin you can find the matrix
Almost fall down like I just fainted
But I'm on my feet, you fall in lifted toilet seat
Man I'm pissed, can be shitted on when I'm speak
Your girlfriend put it and make it fit
And you can't get it on cause you thick
And that's my type computer love baby
That's my side when I return, put it on my tab
I'll make it shift and put it on your ass
Right click, wireless mouse, got the wrong Mickey
That ain't my house, we ain't at disney
We here!

[Hook: Mickey Factz]-[X2]
Ey, we fly, kiss some girls that come along
And then, we ride
Watch the star shine up in the air, so high
That you can feel the breeze
Of a plain go by, Ok, alright

[Verse 2: Mickey Factz]
Fabulous, I'm a start not no asterisk
Got a car that is fast as shit (slow it down)
What comes around, always goes around
And if she comes around (she's going down)
Bungee jump her till we on the ground
But, but, but when it snap back
We all on track, like a Wu-Tang rap
Stacks on deck, blues ways black
But you ain't wrecked, cause you ain't Factz
No, fair, so I suggest you don't go there
Been around the world and I don't care
How 'bout you going no where?
It's up to you to get it going
So I suggest you get to going


[Verse 3: Yelawolf]
Even put wings on a Lamborghini
Homie tell me then would you keep fly?
If you put wings on a Pinto
Tell me kinfolk, could you get by?
See I done took a monkey wrench
And turned it into a platinum, plated
Diamond tool, and I promise
You can try to rob me
I put that monkey wrench on you
Man it's like I got oil on my shoes
Snitching the grass when I moonwalk through
Chicka-chicka ahh, on the moon I groove
On the sun like I saw the flare in a polar bear coat
But somehow man I still cool
What it is, what it ain't, what it do
It does anything, put me to use
First like a baby, put it to school
Please to meet you baby, maybe now we can become friends
Come to the south again, watch babies in the hood
Seeing whole world in it's hands
I'm a man, trunk full of sand and when I die
I'mma roll in a caravan
Full of Chevy's and Cadillac's
And all of my tests with a cup of red wine in my hand


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