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13th Disciple

Got you, baby I got you
I got you, baby I got you

[Verse 1]
See, I'm the 13th disciple
When I go to church with my bible
It hurts cuz I know I live worse than the rivals
Of a good servant observing the cycle, of life
Living through strife
Pray in my living room in the middle of the night
Wait for a miracle while I send it on the mic
So pitiful, no this is not right
This is all wrong, listen up Lord
I'm about to drown while swimming on shore
I go to church more and I'm giving up porn
I don't wanna surfboard for the women I score
Surfboard, surfboard
Dirt poor, but I'm worth more
It's sad to know who I work for
I praise you but I curse more
You see a lot of people, a lot of people
Me set free like you find a needle in a big haystack
With a bottle of people, I need to walk into a fly cathedral
On a Friday night when the sun go down
Head to the alter and [?] bow
And ask for forgiveness, can I get a witness
For the lyrics that my thumbs wrote down


[Verse 2]
I am disgusted, looking in the mirror like how do I function
Why am I trusted, God is not pleased
I should just die in a dungeon
Tired of lusting
Heart is collapsing, I need to hire construction
If I hear the trumpets and see the sky rolling back
Then you know the fire is justice
I heard that the streets made of gold
Get your own mansion reap what you sew
That's better than mashing your teeth in the hole
Where fire and brimstone bleaching your soul
Heaven, I wanna go to heaven
I am not built for the devils armageddon
Where they keep tormenting 24/7, can't be trapped in them 4 letters forever, no
[?] die faithfullness a love so graceful and [?]
Jesus I need this amazing relationship which is my issues my name and my alias
Factz, run tell that
I try and pray in the morning but I'm scared that
If I try and talk to God he gone yell back
But the wippin' might be where my help at, 13


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