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Deez Bitches Rollin'

These bitches rolling, we rolling up
Money pouring down, drank pouring up
I'm fucked up, it's time to fuck
She's fucked up, she tryna fuck

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
College hoes love alcohol and popping adderall
And anything that got something to do with withdrawals
They on their highest degree, by swallowing ecstasy
Strippers on campus looking for them grant fees (Ratchet)
I'm in the chicks dorm room blowing hash
Grabbing ass getting becky that's that trippy swag
Molly in my system but I ain't turnt up yet
Smoking paper jets with a blonde and brunette
They snorting blow, I'm double cupping
Juicy toss all hoes, no handcuffing
Fuck her once, then fuck her again
Then its on to the next, roommates and friends


[Verse 2: SpaceGhostPurrp]
I be that young Purrp
Love to flirt
Put my dick up in your skirt
Face down ass up
That's the way I make it hurt
Make it twerk on my dick
Baby girl don't stop that shit
Take that dick, suck a dick
For 2030 bitch
Come back, run it back
Tell me where the burner at
Nigga talk, nigga trip
I'mma put him on his back
Lean back, smoking pack
Fucking with that loud sack
Heart beating fast
Like I'm bout to have a heart attack
Real shit, trill shit
Speaking how I feel, bitch
Mack shit, pimp shit
Til the day I'm still, bitch
R.I.P fucking Jitt
RVIDXR KLVN up in this bitch
Fucking with Juicy J?
I'mma punch you in your shit


[Verse 3: Speaks]
You are now dealing with a stone cold pimp, shit
Do it for the nookie but I ain't Limp Bizkit
Brand new bitch with a cherry red lipstick
She can turn a quick trick, something like a kickflip
Well, how convenient boo, you even brought your kneepads
And let me hit it raw wearing nothing but my ski mask
And honey thats a stick-up, but I'm so drunk I hiccup
And I got your uppers, after supper if you need a pick-up
But I never make her drop when the sun goes down
I'll fuck her all night if the beat slows down, that that down down
I'm on that DJ Quik, I got that sugar free mossberg right up under my hip
And so I'm leaving them chip, if bitches running their lips
I got like four in the clip, I gotta couple of zips
And all these Purple Naked Ladies got me feeling like Prince, swag


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