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Genius Freestyle 011

Old soul like 2010 made timbs
34 but it’s feeling like I just made 10
Flow so well, no hotel but I feel, I ain't even reach the Best Days Inn
Let's wait then
Knowledge of a college when my pen state gems
It’s practice, I ain't lion like Penn State gym
You chimpanzees in fresh ape skin
Grade Mickey under ip man's knee, I’m a sensation
I'm on the block with Dikembe strength
Cornerstone of the corner store
My corner pocket, racked up, when I ball
Corner the market like Polo and Nautica
Anything for mula, morphology the formula
Word break down, pass me the wordplay crown
The verse break ground like earthquake sounds
In a sense, my inner sense, still accepts the first day trial
But innocent like Lincoln letting work slaves out
I’m innocent never hurt a child
Flow precise like I never heard A Chal
My birthplace foul
Speed dial for nurse aid with first aid file
My flow could make a mermaid drown, your third grade styles
The building blocks, I'm building blocks so if you search great towns
My descendants had the work laid down
You want the answers like a nerd shakedown
I died earlier in the week, so now I'm on the third day, wow
Roll the stone back
It’s Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones back
Bring my issue right where you are, Rolling Stone app
I get paid to get take every pic, they overload snaps
So I smile when I say cheese for provolone stacks
Corleone raps, the Godfather
Been the dopest on tracks since Hova sold crack as Shawn Carter
Your bars harder? Please
Your broad’s smarter
Had her mouth wet, I nick named her Smartwater
Raw author, they bookmark for more concerts
Performing as Mickey, no Walt drawing
The Bronx bomber, Boss talking
Who had blood and crip gangs in different hoods with a war conscious
So it was beef if you grilled any side like George Foremans
And they quick to break a leg like Paul George’s
I'm Bob Barker mixed with Paul Walker
‘Cause if the price is right, I’m fast and furious in a Dodge Charger
Plugged in like a car charger
We in the matrix still bending spoons like he-ron sponsors
I get my bars bartered
I got your broads garter
Wedding crasher, yep I'm Vince Vaughn talking
I spit sars, what can a cough offer?
Sick as a dog, rottweiler, I’m Charles barking
‘Cause son'll rock it, ‘till i'm 76 with heart problems
And my tissue cartilage rip like soft Charmin
Yea that's Logic, I’m a rap genius, ask Rob Markman

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