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Get By

[Intro - MLK Sample]
Most people live by the philosophy everybody is doing it
So it must be alright
This is exactly what we have done, so often
We have ended up feeling that the only thing right is to get by
The only thing wrong is to just fall

[Verse 1 - Mickey Factz]
Here's a story that's so, so familiar
Nightmares that are so close to kill ya
Cappuccino, triple shot of expresso
Mind saying stay, heart saying let's go
NYU, yes yo, the best bro
School where the best go
But it gave me strep throat
I was sick of the statutes and laws shit
I swear I hated that classroom I was forced in
Momma said, "get a degree or get in the streets"
I said, "well, give me my things, this isn't me"
Rented couches out, used my coat as a comforter
Put the leak out every week, I'm a hustler
I ain't blowing hot air either, fuck a muffler
Gave out free MP3s and made customers
Went from being broke to covering the mag
Middle fingers to all those who said I wouldn't last
Cause I'm...

[Hook - Big K.R.I.T.]
Doing it, hustling, running it, getting it
Weighing it, breaking it, pushing it, living it
Pitching it, catching it, laying it, down
Mothafuckas be on their job when I'm round
You can either get out my way or get down
We the importers, order another pound
Order another round, eyes on the prize
I'd rather get it in for the win than get by
So let's ride

[Verse 2 - Mickey Factz]
Oh, I did a commercial and I'm a sellout?
"Mickey went and worked with Honda," now I'm shut out?
This around the time when me and my pops fell out
Rappers with Bentleys, Maybachs, tried for it
But because I'm on it, haters were not for it
Called me a salesman for doing my thing
I was true to myself, I was true to my lane
Still new to the game
Put my 50 cents in, that was truly a change
Cause I knew that my name
Would see the bright lights
Now I can say, what your life like?
You get in my way, its a fight night
Rocking with the raps
Emergency, surgery, heart is on the track
My arteries attached, my eyes on the prize
I see what I want, now its time to get mine
So I'm...


[Verse 3 - Mickey Factz]
Ghost riding the shotgun, I'm still hot son
I'm carpooling forever, until the job's done
I drive through in that weather and see a dark sun
I start from the end for the beginning
And I ain't far from the ledge with my vision
You scared to leap from this building to that building
But Morpheus said "believe it" so I'm with it
And that's a catch twenty-two
Cause when I fall, I won't get caught, I fall through
I'm at the door, trying to force it, walk through
The oracle is gone so who do I talk to?
That's a good ass question
I'm wanna know the answer to this good ass lesson
Whatever the outcome is
It won't stop a damn thing for how I live
Cause I'm...


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