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Here We Go

This is all my love
This is all my hope
This is all my pain
This is all my growth
These are all my highs
These are all my lows
This is all my heart
Cause this is all I know
So here we go, go, go, go, go, go, go
Here we go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go

[Verse 1]
I will never forget, I was six years old
Pops said stand up, you're a man be bold
The world wants your soul, it's just that cold
Stay close to God, and you gon' reach your goals
This is what I was told, so I took it and ran
Headed out on the road, it was part of the plan
Started out as a child, grew up to a man
Saw the journey was rough, now I understand
The reason I can't keep steady relationships
The reason I can't sleep, I stay awake for this
Up late for this, I got faith in this
Shit I pray for this
I was made for this


[Verse 2]
Before your career was imagined
You can reach the sky, when your money gets low
Still your dreams got caught
A lot of folks gon' hate, don't know reasons why
But that motivation is what keep dreams alive
I was ten years old, started writing my rhymes
Whole world in front of me staring right in my eyes
Years passsed, middle of ways, tryna survive
Yeah we feel so much stress it's like the life of the line
These are triflin' times, who knew the life was in blind
He's in the streets trying to steal your soul right when you sign
Your enemies tryna throw you shade right when you shine
Visually I'mma take what is rightfully mine


[Verse 3]
You know work in the morning, Xbox got me up late
Just heard that they sent the homie upstate
Caught another tough break, we used to have class together
Behind bars now we can't plays the Sac together
Flashback remember Hoops outta hangers Georgetown
Blew for the Bangers
Feel like the world ain't understanding me
Tryna hold door to my sanity
Every person fifteen had to make a man in me
Had to paint the path for me
No baby mom naggin' me
Ain't a such thing as you ain't got it when you have a seat
Tryna pass in peace, we tryna stay strong
It's real life ain't no uniform


They'll never take me alive
I'm gettin' high with my four-five
Cocked on these suckas, time to die
Even as a youngster causin' ruckus on the back of the bus
I was a fool all through high school kickin' up dust
But now I'm labelled as a trouble maker, who can you blame?
Smokin' weed helped me take away the pain
So I'm hopeless
Rollin' down the freeway swervin, don't worry
I'm about to crash up on the curb, cause my visions blurry
Maybe if they tried to understand me
What should I do?
I had to feed my fuckin' family
What else could I do?
But be a thug
Out slangin' with the homies
Fuck hangin' with them phonies in the clubs
Got my mind on danger
Never been a stranger to homicide
My city's full of gang bangers and drive-bys
Why do we die at an early age?
He was so young
But still a victim of the 12 gauge
My memories of a corpse
Mind full of sick thoughts
And I ain't goin' back to court
So fuck what you thought
I'm drinkin' Hennessy
Runnin from my enemies
Will I live to be 23?
There's so much pain

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