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I'm Not Okay...

Three, two, one, go

I met you when I gave upYou made me feel I was enough
And it was easy to love you
But now I don`t want to
Hold back these thoughts anymore
Remember when I picked you up
I told myself you were the one
Why did this happen?
Now my thoughts are crashing
But falling and hitting the floor

I loved you
More than I thought I could do
I didn`t think I needed to
Cover up my eyes and imagine someone new
Now you left
And put me in this awful place
I`m holding onto what we had
Now I feel this pain
And I`m not okay

There`s a new rain that`s coming down
I just can`t get up off the ground
And I`ve been crying a lot
And praying to God that you and I would work this out
I used to love to feel my heart
But now the space is really hard
I thought things were different
Now I see a vision of me driving off in my car

I loved you
But now my heart is black and blue
I don`t think that I`ll make it through
I`m on the floor of my bathroom
And I cannot move
Mmm, I`m not okay, oh

I`m still waiting
And I`m not okay (but I want you here)

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