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Uh-huh.. yo, uh-huh
Yo I got it locked like the mob on my block
The local rap star that the fine women watch
My sister used to say that I shoulda been a cop
'til I pulled up in the fully tinted drop
Until I rapped on the ninety-six album of the year
Now she don't think I'm so weird
Now when I pop in the tape she wanna listen
Kissin my ass; like back in ninety-five she wasn't dissin
Now I got a deal and I'm steppin with a piston
C.O. executive position
The wisdom of a man doin life inside prison
All he do is read, smoke stogs, and be liftin
The vision of how I can overcome the system
Pace will be a legend in his time like Sonny Liston - locked

Yo I got it locked, on the real I got it locked
Rollin with the kids that wanna rock
Yo no doubt I got it locked, word life I got it locked
Whip my 540 on your block
Yo don't try to look hard like you holdin down the spot
Don't try to look away like you ain't on the jock
Cause I'm comin with the Outz and we takin whatchu got
Beefin like B.I.G. and Tupac
Yo I got it locked like the Feds that be watchin where you plot
Locked like Gotti, but headin for the top
Get my money up, push Hummers off the lot
L and registration, ridin with a fox
Set to "Wild Out" like I'm runnin with The L.O.X.
Don't make me put you in a pine box - locked!

It's like Pacey-come-lately, happy-go-lucky
Beat y'all kids like, "Pappy don't snuff me"
Don't want her if she ugly, two-faced or chubby
Keep my mother lookin lovely, give her money
See I need the finest in life, cameras and lights
Hammers and ice, people feel me - the good stuff!
Blow my whole neighborhood up, glad I stood up
Put flavor in your mix like sugar
Lock your girl down like Booker; never fall in love with a hooker
Or cracked out broads that smoke cook-up
Could be she fine now well off and she a looker
And know how to work the pressure cooker
But drugs is more addictive than love, kisses and hugs
People slip and get hung, grippin they lung
My nigga gettin this money is my number one agenda
Tie your raps up like, "please return to sender"

Locked - I got it locked, no doubt I got it locked
Mixin up the beef with the brat
Yo on the real I got it locked, you see I got it locked
Underground never go pop
Baby heads all bring they friends we drop, do the wop
Gettin mad bent off the gin and the scotch
I'm hittin off the skins then I'm audi from the spot

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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