NotNo - Mastermind Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Stopped listening to logic and started watching the news
Just another piece of excuse to make you more confused
What do you call a husband who hits his wife
Tendency to rise up?
Parents who care too much bout their kids?
You think this is messed up?
Welcome to the new generation
Where schools lack knowledge and limit your imagination
The complexity of the law is evasive
No one really cares
Politicians just want you to pay them
Justice is tainted, Bill of Rights is getting repealed
The wrong decisions are often written in a letter
Signed and sealed
Can't you see what we're doing? Rewarding the guilty
Streets used to be clean
But now they lookin' kinda filthy
Too many people break the rules with no penalties
They disagree with my logic
Thats why they wanna get rid of me
We arrest people who use the drug but give to our children
Thought it would heal them but it kills them
But you just had to do, couldn't stand the tantrums
Now look what you did, irreversible damage
Saw too many of my friends die this month
Plus a lot of heart and soul really lost it's touch
I thought I could move on but wouldn't clutchin at much
Plus the next thing you know, Im losing my lunch
GCSMBD that means we're all family
Got to come together and get rid of our insanity
If our luck runs out there's always plan B
Live your own life, one that's worth all the envy
Theres a bright future for you, me and everyone
Every father granddaughter mother brother and son
So before you say I'm wrong and shake your head
I'll spend my whole life proven you wrong, until Im dead
But this life that we livin just ain't as good as our parents said
Food loses flavor and tires lose their tread
Lets make way for the soldiers that fought for your head
And be aware of all the blood that's been shed

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