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Hey, what's up?


How you doing?

I'm good, how are you?

I'm fine. Listen I wanted to ask you a question?


Describe to me the strength, beauty and love of a woman

The strength, beauty, and love of a woman?


It's just universal, unmatched, um beautiful. Um, I don't know I can't really explain it. (laughs)

That's kind of good

[Verse 1]
She would have Meagan Good lips, Mariah Carey voice with crazy good pitch
Scandal outfits for her wide Kerry hips
Halle Berry kiss, and a Tyler Perry flick
She would have tits like Scarlett Johansson
And real fit like Angela Bassett
Age well so she look 30 in her 50s, 20 in her 40s, and 40 in her 60s
Hair like Salma Hayek, skin tone as [?]
But real down to earth like Mya
Business of Opera, but freaky like Khia
Thick thighs of chun lee from street fighter
Mind like Angelou, creative as Kara Walker
Submissive but still strong like Sarah Connor
Doesn't that sounds the deal to you
Put em together they still don't equal you

There ain't no one like her, set the bar so high
You know you got that fire
No one like her, nobody better
Now where you came from, baby where you came from
Because it can't be heaven, what you done done?
Look what you done done, you fell right out the sky
There ain't no one like her, nobody better

[Verse 2]
Innovative as Madonna and dress better than Rihanna
She dance like Ciara with abs like Tiana
Religious as Karen Clark, won't forget her like Sarah Marsh
And she can out rap Pharoahe Monch
In the bed she make Lisa Anne look like a movie about Peter Pan, it gets deeper man
Influential, like Betty and Coretta
I'ma Momma's boy but she better than Loretta
Flier than Amelia Earhart, pardon me
Flier than a million airports, pardon me
Flier than an eagle that can't walk, and stay in the air or lay in the lair, baby you rare
Feels like spaghetti when I play in you hair
You like Marilyn Monroe without the crazy affair
Or Vivian Banks or maybe a Claire
Or Hilary Swank or maybe a Cher
Eyes of a goddess she be making me stare
Not just another lady with flare
Cuz I see me with you, don't it sound like a deal to you
Put them together they still don't equal a you


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