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No Retreat

Yo.. huh.. yo
Roc-A-Blok, yo, Pacewon!!
Yo.. yo.. Outsidaz in the house, huh
Ruffhouse in the house, yo
Who else in the house, yo
Let 'em know.. Pacewon!
Yo yo yo.. Roc-A-Blok, yo
Yo yo yo, yo! Huh! Yo!

All y'all call on me like Bell Atlantic
Pack a four-four, got weed and never panic
Bout to blow up like a comet hit the planet
Hold it down singlehanded; Pacewon got the pen play
Tag my name like El Da Sensei
Ballin like the Nets, representin NJ!
Wednesday, I'm out on the block, servin you ten ways
I'm large and niggaz rubbin it in, like it was Ben*Gay
Cop an ounce you roll the whole damn thin, I'm a sess-head
Your best friend a hydro connect from the West End
Destined to be a legend; pack a nine millimeter
Weapon three to seven, keep the people steppin
Huh, hah!!That's the way of the world
Play and get hurt, deal with the way that it work
One day you be on top eatin a BLT
The next day you be broke like TLC

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Roll on ya block, handle y'all, battle y'all
Take you out, put you in my catalogue
When goin to war, better remember
No retreat, no surrender

Yo, yo; cool ass cats get hit with mad pressure
Honey got caught cheatin, her man left her
Used to be a dimepiece, now she a heffer
Eatin mad ice cream, drinkin Dr. Pepper
Think she got the virus, scared to get a checkup
And even if she found out, it still wouldn't affect her
She'd kiss you and let you give her hickies from the neck up
And let you hit the sugar walls off with no protector
Niggaz go against me and get they neck cut
Fear the son of man, livin, cashin checks, what?
I work for the goods I receive
Only by the sweat of thy brow will you eat


In my hood it's mad people, deep crews in Regals
They got tints too dark to see through
Hebrews own every store, they be hasslin the people
Used to be coke sniffers, moved up to diesel
Too much heron could be lethal
You could tell a fiend those six words, they don't believe you
If you never heard me before, here's a preview
Used to be goodie two-shoes, returned evil!
I'm settin war off, tell your Senator
No retreat, no surrender
.. yo, yo, and let me take this time to say
Roc-A-Blok, Pacewon, we representin!


{*ad libs to the end*

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