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Let me tell you why you’re here
You’re here because you know something
What you know you can’t explain
But you feel it
You felt it your entire life
That there’s something wrong with the world
You don’t know what it is but it’s there
Like a splinter in your mind driving you mad
It is this feeling that brought you to me
Do you know what I’m talking about
The matrix
Do you want to know what it is
The matrix is everywhere
It is all around us
Call that
In a drop top living like a man in a strip show
Last year it was 414
Next year I want 14 big
No sardine in it
Want a pool with the chlorine in it
Wide threes with the dark green in it
Light up with the concrete in it
Got an Amex card
No limit on a dry like Percy
I’m a beast in the sport n*gga
I should rap with a team with a jersey
True neck got a old back
My last girl ain’t owe back
Just watching my own back
This for my homies with drinks
Anything ain’t with a sink
Long as you’re working you get what you need
Food on the table and air you can breathe
This right here for my queens
All on the scene ain’t wanna be seen
Keep making movies causing a scene
You and your girls and a gram looking mean
Double tap on a screen
Y’all smelling like creed
Double RL got a pocket full of cream
Anything Gucci I know real big
Can’t stand at the threes
Notice ain’t mics these Japanese
Shop a week and a bow on her leg
New York shit with a style so clean

Unfortunately no one can be
Told what the matrix is
You have to see it for yourself

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