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Real Nigga Shit

[Verse 1]
Niggas better chill H check more Bills then Hillary
Stack buns for the war, tote heavy artillery
I never let a bitch or a bitch nigga get to me
My niggas blow big instruments like a symphony
Sliding in the (?) thang with whoppers like Burger King
Dressed up like a bum, rocked up on you hit you close-range
Bend a sucka bend, turn yo block into a murder scene
50 cal got me heavy handed like Butterbean
It melt soon as it hit the pipe that's butter cream
Sunday i'm bagging up grams with a triple beam
Monday the hoes trick-or-treat no Halloween
Tuesday i'm trapping out the house till my phone ring
No wedding ring too young for a wife man
But maybe we can get the kind of cake with the icing
Cause i'm riding dirty in the whip no license
Still on call on the late night tip
Click clack the dice, throw my guap on the pavement
Get charged a late fee slow motion on my pavement
Cook you like Cage and I only fuck with made men
They thought it was an accident, it really was a paid hit
Welcome to the Ice where I make a knock pay debt
Smack every bank in the town with a blank check
The money falling out the sky like a rain check
I smoke Grandad, no Train Wreck
No jamming with this Tech in the hands of Hi-Def
Bullets flying east and west dissecting chests
Sipping on the best Prometh on my breath
Nodding out kissing on what I got left
Ice City island nights niggas know what i'm repping
Freeze a sucka on sight with them deuce-deuce treces
You ain't MOB pussy, don't even front
I know you fake cause I fuck with real niggas where you from
The Ice got him spooked now you just a house nigga
See we bang hats nigga i'm just a young cap peeler
Fill up a hundred shoe boxes stack scrilla
Take the work all cross country and tax niggas
3 phillies and a Sprite when I go in the hood store
(?) old souls, just me and my hood folk
Don't know if I'll see tomorrow ima knock on wood though
Gotta be around to teach my daughter things that she should know

The streets got me going Loco
I knock my partner down for 14 kicks like Alpo
Get rained on if you ain't with issue
Aim too accurate i'm guaranteed to clip you
Real nigga shit can't breathe around a fake bitch
Baker man accumulate dough like cake mix
Young N Restless getting guap till i'm retired
Catch me up early fresh off an all nighter

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