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Ruby & Ossie

Wassup y’all, it’s your girl [?] and right now you checkin’ out Larry Love and DJ O’Minaya on W-LLL

[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
I want a love like Ruby and Ossie’s
You know Ruby and Ossie
Friends with the Kennedys, cool with the Cosbys
Autobiographies, movies with Spike Lee
Everything they did they did it together
Not separately, just celebrities livin’ off energy
Love and serenities, so many memories
They got arrested, protested for a legacy
Wild in the seventies
They knew Martin and Malcolm they were friends with ‘em
They did eulogies for ‘em when they left
Shoulders on both sides, leanin’ on each other
Hopin’ they both strive
When Ruby wasn’t actin’ most of the slow times
Ossie got gigs and said you know she could roll by
If [?] float by
They work together just like Kobe and no 5
When [?] was not high
I need that security, they dealt with impurities
Money problems, worrying
Here’s an example of an issue
Ruby said divorce and I ain’t gon’ miss you
Ossie said aight, if you get married agian
Make space for a brotha cause I’m comin’ there with you
That’s love, somethin’ I want, somethin’ I need
That’s love, someone to hold, someone to please
That’s love ,somewhere to go, somewhere to be
Go into the middle of nowhere with me

[Hook: Bonita]
If we are everything that you said that we should be
Then I’m there, even I’m there
And if we are the definition of connection
Then I’m ready, forever and ever
Ready, forever and ever, I’m there

[Verse 2: Mickey Factz]
They even had side pieces
Open marriage back then, it sound genius
Then the man said I don’t want nobody else
Cause my family means more to me than these wild divas
I’m kinda speechless, 57 years is a lot of weeks spent
A lot of respect, no lottery cheques can amount to the time
That they bonded through debt
Ruby said black women gotta understand
The struggles of the black man in this wack land
God don’t want me and he took her left hand
Four finger seal with a nice wedding band, man
I love you means I want you to be the very best you can be
Whether it benefits me or not, damn
And even in his death
She put his ashes in the room right where she slept
So they could be together while separated next
And when she met with him they became one flesh
Again, in the urn cause they was in it together
Not just words
This is what I want, when it come to her
I have observed both of them so have learned
Love overcomes lust and even through a loss
Love overcomes trust, love overcomes much, yep
Heaven is dope, 57 years down, forever to go


[Outro: Larry Love]
Well, there you have it. Love.Lust.Lost II in its completion I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope the people did as well. Tune in next week. Don’t forget to check Mickey out on tour and please listen to this lovely outro by Trise called “Farewell to Hello.” Until next time this is Larry Love and this is DJ O’Minaya on the Love Hour on W-LLL FM and we encourage you guys to love, live and be lucrative. Peace

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