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It's the RUSH..
We RUSH.. fourth and two we RUSH..
Roc-A-Bloc we RUSH.. Outsidaz RUSH..
It's the RUSH.. ha ha, this the RUSH..

Yo, huh, yo
I sell fifty dollar clips at the colleges
To future lawyers, optometrists and magazine columnists (huh)
Ghetto politics, I drop a load
Of raps that explode on impact like hollow-tips
Yo, cock your glock lick shots for the Pacer!
Raw like coke and got more jokes than Frasier
Like Saddam Hussein, Pace will raise a
Army East of Eden on the borderline of Asia
Armed in bomb shit, tec-9's and mag clips
My hooded crew got the bulletproof jackets
Yo, part of my plan is get this bad bitch
To fuck the President, give that man the package
Next I'll fix up a chemical mixture (huh)
To get the armed forces out the picture
With them gone, my men storm the globe and
Then we'll own it, like Caesar and the Romans
Time flies, years become moments
And the Outsidaz still creepin like rodents
Yo Pacewon bringin you the rawl deal
Appeal, work and get mines for real; yo, yo

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
The cops can't stop the RUSH
The stick-up kids can't stop the RUSH
The DEA can't stop the RUSH
My whole click cock back and bust, FOR REAL

Yo, yo, yo
Professor Kick-Ass, Mr. Teach-A-Kid-A-Lesson
Fresh like the Prince, without Jazzy Jeff and
I'm the architect that can draw your path to heaven
With my glock, bust rounds twenty-four - seven!
Pacewon, spy like James Bond-a
Lock up a Hon-da, pick up the un-der
With my mind on which land to conquer
I make the audience sweat like Jane Fonda
Pace'll fly a jet, violent tyrant
Mind bent, dog-drippin, pissin on hydrants
Straight flippin on crews that ain't silent
They come by the two's and get chewed like Trident
I tour the world makin real estate investments
Got more land than the Riddler got questions
I travel yars, battle squads
And read rappers like fortune tellers read tarot cards
Yo, a menace, wild like Crazy Ed is
With a sick scheme to make more green than lettuce
Film credits, who dick get the wettest?
My presence bring "Good Times" like James Evans
Pace'll violate all across the tri-state
Makin niggaz hum like my pager on vibrate
Gettin dough with more Brothers than Warner
Your moms ain't know, quote Snow, and "Informer"

Ha ha, ha, ha
Roc-A-Bloc, Pacewon
Ha ha, yo
Roc-A-Bloc Pacewon, what?
Roc-A-Bloc Pacewon, yo!


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