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[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
This mixtape is a movie, homie
It ain't a hoax
Y-3 is the Richard gear I payed the most
People were happy for real
After I gave them dope
The hating folks appeared
My thoughts made them
No Disney, it's Mickey baby
You taking notes?
These are Wes Craven quotes
Fans are addicts
But even the people under the stairs still like to blaze a Roach
Thats Swayze and Jamie shouts to Rae and Ghost
Respecting the legend
Showing my gratitude
Spit lines all over the globe
Check out my latitude
It's sabbatical
Try to be thug
Drop the attitude
Lost up in the streets
And chose a different avenue
Y, Y-not was hot
Here go the trilogy
Word to the sun, earth and the moon
This is a Syzygy
Drop the beat..
Wait a minute, you kidding me?
There's 3 Y's in the word Syzygy
Peep the synergy
My style very bold
I'm the shht, that's a library flow
Heart breaker like a Tom Petty show
Yeah, you got nominated, awards for
One zero like a binary code
Warrior like Stephen, Klay
With better aim
The whole game I better to play and never stray
For two quarters you probably sit on the bench
You a ghost on the court
That's the power of 50 cent
Facts highway
I get clothes free
So I quit shopping for cold turkey on Black Friday
So don't get left over trying to act suave
The Benz covered in that
That's a black padre
My man lost feelings selling coke
Call that nova cane
No infrared's, just Blu-rays
Like a Sony game
I know you dane (?)
The coldest brain
It was a victory nothing for 30 seconds
Baby I overcame

Yeah, get em' Mick
Get these motherpunkers B
B X stand up
Lets go!

[Verse 2: Mickey Factz]
In ‘95 I had a bed in a shelter
In '99 my aunt said I'm a failure
In '08 I swear wasn't a game
Had the people searching for links
I'm the Legend of Zelda
Your girl fell for a leader
Hope you not upset
Soon as I let your girl in
That I got her wet
And she was dripping
Your honey was a (?)
She was starving for attention
So I hung her out the dry
Born in July with this passive cadence
Watch my peers graduate
And pass my placement
Radiation, deterioration
Crabs is hating
But I'm sick
My time is coming
That's my cancer patience
Me and my brother cause havoc
So I'm Cyclops
High beam without the visine when I drop
Need to be the one in the fly slot
Like I hate Vietnamese food
I ain’t going for the tie spot
Lace my Yohji's
After Y, that's why not?
Cameras on me for the third time
That's a tripod
I write liquor flows
And draft beer
The fans hear
If you have ears, come give Mick a lobe
Ambidextrous, tag team
Drawing both hands on a bars like a trapeze artist
Corvette with many vasos
Vocal tailor y'all move when I say so

I feel like Forrest Gump when he lost polio
That's was too straight forward
Let me space out
I'm glad that I had the gumption to break out
If you ain't catch that bar
It's time to OD
Brace yourself
Gump Shin is what broke free

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