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[ Young Haskell ]
Feels good to me
The way that we get down

[ VERSE 1: Mac Mall ]
I appreciate sacrifices you made
And chances you took and all the love that you gave
Mama made a Mac, laced me with boss game
Birth father wasn't sh..., don't even remember his face
But [Name] is a soldier, a African queen
Taught me 'bout self-respect, self-reliance, self-esteem
Told me to be a man, you stand on your own feet
Only the strong survive, streets prey on the weak
But I thought I could beat it, swore I had masterplan
Had it all mapped out till the rollers cuffed my hand
Damn, musta hurt you more than it hurt me
And me bein a knucklehead didn't make it easy
So mama, I'mma make you proud as possible
I conquer this whole world to make your dreams come true
And mother dearest, when you hear this I just want you to know
That this mama boy love ya fa sho

[ Hook: Young Haskell ]
I like
How you come through down for whatever
Stay clever
I like
Cause you know we gotta get this cheddar
I like
How you stay true no matter what the weather
I like
Cause if we gon' ball or fall we gon' do it all

[ VERSE 2: Mac Mall ]
Since we speakin on bein true I can't forget my boo
My right-hand lady, baby, thank you for bein you
Chassies came and went, lot of cats tried to holler
With me you found the real, with you I found a show-stopper
Superbad, can't even flash when the fools jock her
They just wishin that they wifeys was this proper
And you ain't trippin on the chickens that wanna peck my scratch
So secure in your position, never worried of rats
The way you do your thing just can't be matched
Got me wide open, yeah baby, believe that
Imagine one day me and you jumpin the broom
I put a baby in your womb, a house in the boons
Now I ain't proposin, just statin that you the kind
I'm feelin bein next to your shine
This thing that we got, some search they whole life to find
And I'm sayin much love, you stood the test of time

[ Hook: Young Haskell ]

[ Young Haskell (& Mac Mall) ]
No matter what it's gonna take
(No matter, man)
We gon' hang in there anyway
We gon' do it real big for real
(Real big for real!)
So we gon' look back, laugh and chill
(Chill, that's right)
No matter what you're goin through
(No matter what you're goin through)
Always be here for you
(I'ma be right here for you)
I'mma be right by your side
(By your side)
Every day and every night
We got to get it
(You know we gotta get it)
I know you're with it
(That's right
I'm knowin you're with it)
I know you're with it
We got to get it, get it, get it, get it, get it
(That's right, that's right

What about the cuddies?)

[ VERSE 3: Mac Mall ]
What they say is true, ain't no place like home
And Crestside Valley-Jo is where I call my own
Stayin Sesed Out, one love for all my kinfolks
From the top of G Block to King's liquor sto'
Peace to the triple OG's and all the young guns
Even the homegirls gettin gully where I'm from
535 Crew Thang and Romper Room
F... the small change, let's focus on this long loot

[ Hook: Young Haskell ]

[ Mac Mall (& Young Haskell) ]
That's right
Had to take some time out to say
One love to all my peoples
You feel?
Like the saying goes: without you there is no me
(I like the way we get down, down, down)
That's right
Mac Mall and Young Haskell
Doin that damn thang
Fa sho

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