NotNo - Chronicles Lyrics


Im in the dark, Im underwater
Searchin for a teardrop in the water
I can't feel your shadow over me
I can't hear your whisper in my ear
The ocean is bleeding
Its taking me down
Im falling, your watching me fall

[Verse 1]
I guess I can't breath tonight
Everything that could kill me is now in sight
When the dark overcomes all we want is the light
Runaway from the fight that might save your life
Ain't no truth in the matter until will we make it right
Watch the glass shatter as we fall through the sky
The longer we fall the harder it will be to climb
But the higher we rise the slower it will take to die
I swear not even daylight savings could slow me down this time
I swore I'd always tell the truth but that was a lie
The truth is this world is ruthless
And you only get one try to live your life
So lets do it

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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