NotNo - Hell On My Shoulders Lyrics

Hell On My Shoulders

This song goes out
To everyone

[Verse 1]
I know I've mistakes that I know I am not proud of
Thought that killing the foes and the snakes would bring about the outcome
Used to think telling people who's number one was relevant for making an album
Abusing people to get revenge without knowing how they feel just to have fun
Who have I become and look at what I've done
In order to sum up who I am I'd probly have to run
And realize what Im doing again but this time I hope you know that I meant it
Cause I am not exactly what society had intended
But all I want to do is shatter the expectations of people I offended
Some rappers, misogynists, my heart bleeds for battered women
I know I don't deserve heaven, I just want to see the entrance
So I can apologize to the people that are apart of my redemptions
People say Im over exaggeratin but they don't know how I'm feelin
How can you judge me when you've never had my shoes to be in
Dr. Phil on couch, tell me exactly what you thing your seein
Look at all these mistakes, I have nothing to believe in
Look at these mistakes and tell me what your seein

Why does the world have to be so tough

[Verse 2]
I hold my head and then I cry
Without people in life to guide me I'd probly die
Can't imagine what they did to make it, I can't pay that price

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