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Laid low, in the cut, lamped up -- Posted
Laid low, in the cut, lamped up -- Posted
Laid low, in the cut, lamped up -- Posted
Posted, posted, posted...

[Verse 1: Mibbs]
Hey man, I'm posted, laid low, in the cut, lamped up
Came through in a range rover, nigga, beep beep, nigga, back up
We four deep, Pac'd up, just in case she act up
Get stomped out, smacked up, ambulances, fire trucks
Wired up, high as fuck, making loot, you drying up
You stay at home, we flying out, you falling off, we climbing up
And I'm too cool for these ratchet bitches
Too cool for these average niggas
Who the-- who the fuck asked you, niggas?
Vroom vroom, I move past you niggas
Posted, laid low, in the cut like nigga, what?
I got an 1/8 to smoke, she got a big ol' butt
I'm motivating, she motivated
Damn, that ass is amaz-on, tank top and my J's on
No chain on, but I stay on, got a magazine with my face on
And I'm posted!


[Verse 2: BeYoung]
I said Pac Div in the cut, nigga we been doing good
Stocking cap or Roger Zapp, I might keep it super hood
Old school with the newest wood, I'm posted up and I'm drape down
We drinking on them chickens, homes, you sending hoes, that paypal
I bend a corner and break out, Betty Crocker that cake, wow
Down to earth but I'm spaced out, pound of herb, now break down
I'm lamping, I'm low-key, my mind be on my business
I'm remy martin cup sipping, might be out for Christmas
Might be out at Fox Hills, might be out at Lenox
Them yellow broads with me like they might be out the Simpsons
Right beside my pimpin, that's the only way to get it
Catch a nigga lamped up, only way of living

[Verse 3: Like]
Posted, in the cut, low pro, Nate Robinson
Ballin, D. Wade, Chris Paul, A.I., and I'm hoopin
Where you been? WHo me?
Overseas, rocking shows, clocking dough, knocking hoes, smoking trees
Pounds, Euros, nouns, plural
Save the tough talk and you clowns are churros
Sweet boy, we got heat boy, you a decoy, so please quit
My soldiers have been deployed, you get destroyed, you in deep shit
Beastin, beastin, solid like Ironman
And while that iron hot I put that California crease in
LA, NY, been fly, been flown
In Rome, been grown, fuck boy, get gone
We big dogs, yall small fleas, don't bother me with small fees
Ay, hold up, I'm busy though, I'll call you, don't call me
I'm posted


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