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Rocking with the Best

[samples from KRS-One]
Yes... say yeahhh!
Yes... yeahhh!
{"You now rockin with the best"} say yeahhh! {"So why try and test"}
{"You now rockin with the best"}
Herrrre we go

The rabbit kicks the bucket I could give a fuck about it
Yo I'm still the same nigga that a motherfucker doubted
But succeeded you can't beat it guess you niggas need to join it
I'm responsible as shit, never leave you dissapointed
I'm the underground legend, the lord of the realm
Where you battle for your name then record it on film
Then you send it to the internet, flexin your intellect
Bitches goin crazy, little kids start spinnin it
Reply that quick, reporters askin for details
My fuckin inbox jampacked with e-mails
I'm fuckin blown up, I never knew I'd be well known
Gettin caught creepin bitches checkin my cell phone
But, other teenyboppers hang with a rhyme clique
Be hawkin me to smoke and always want me to sign shit
So I tag 'em up, smoke they weed then step
What can I say? I'm they dog like DMX, the one!

{"You now rockin with the best"} yeahhh! {"So why try and test"}
{"You now rockin with the best"} yeahhh! - PACEWON!
{"You now rockin with the best"} yeahhh! {"So why try and test"}
{"You now rockin with the best"} yeahhh! {"So why try and test.. the best"}

Nine said to be the best you gotta challenge the best
So to some I pay homage and embarass the rest
Get a talented test, keep a balance in this
Like the bond between parents and kids you see
It's a whole lot of MC's crowdin the throne
So I stepped up and pulled the sword out of the stone
Like, gimme mines, speed across city lines
Cock the semi-9, could flip at any time
And uhh, I know that you know that, you know that I know that
Your lil' freestyle raps ain't where my flow at
My flow is well thought out, plotted and planned
Hotter than that white boy is, hotter than Cam
More hotter than Loon and that's just to start with
I piss on your wall, shit on your carpet
Take your homey to trial like Ken Starr did
See 'em drivin and scream "Get out the car kid!"

[Hook] w/ variations

All I do is write raps, smoke weed and guzzle Henny
Came and broke down the door when you niggas wasn't ready
Now you hatin on a brother cause you hungry cause you envy
Want my Beamer, want my Benji's, bitch nigga come and get me
You can find me in New Jerz, in the Bricks, on the same corner
Waitin with a 9M slug with your name on her
Catch your lil' punk crew in the streets
Knock off the top dog, give him 2 in the knees
Snatch lil' man, smack dude in the teeth
I do it with ease, it's like shootin the breeze
I'm the reason and the rhyme, the style you don't lose
You niggas all talk, no soul/sole like old shoes
You nice? The king of the mic? Show proof
Go platinum, 1 point 5, go 2
Go anything you can, go gold, go copper
Go triple diamond, I'ma still flow hotter

[ad lib scratches to the end]

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