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Show You

[Verse 1: Like]
Okay, baby I'm sorry
But let me be the one to say that you look quite startling
Okay, this some deep shit
But can you keep a secret?
Lowkey, I think that I'm the one that you should be with
Take it or leave it
You can braid it or weave it
Whatever's your style, and
You hold me up too
Whenever I'm down, you
Cool as you wannabe
Sexy, Classy
But ooo when you wannabe extra nasty
You do something to me
It's like you tryna prove something to me
You wanna try some new shit with me?
Well come inside my room, Unzip me
And I'mma show you

[Hook: BJ the Chicago Kid]
Oh, there ain't no other girl I want in this whole world
So I ain't tryna fuck it up, if you don't fuck it up
Oh, they say that talk is cheap so I'mma show you girl

[Verse 2: Be Young]
You can swoop me up off the ten
Stop and get the Henn
I got my boys with me
Stop and get ya friends
It's that HD vision
Yeah baby, let your weave down
No Fours, Fives up
Pico that’s my tree cloud
She hit me speed dial
To get the Kush face
Just hold it in, boo
That's how the Kush taste
We go hard cause we heard that this should wait
And never practice having swag boo that look fake
We just do it, tell me if you could believe
I could add a whole 'nother style to your steeze
Play house, we could throw down with the wings
Real player like crocodiles with the rings


[Verse 3: Mibbs]
You’re the umbrella to my rain
The numb to my pain
The image to my frame
The engine to my plane
The flicker to my flame
You turn me on in ways that I can’t even explain
Girl, you shittin’ on the game
You goin’ make a nigga change
Put me in my right mind
Have me put the Henny down
Now I’m on my white wine
Kick it the daytime
Sex in the night time
Everyday I pray, we stay connected like a lifeline
Go, girl
It’s yo, yo world
I can be your market and your promo, girl
You ain’t even gotta take a photo, girl
I know you are the flyest outta yo homegirls
You can be my bottom
Take me to the top
My ride or die chick got me feeling like the Lox
Feeling like I got a real queen on my team
Real enough that I might hit Tiffany’s to find a ring


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