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[Verse 1: Mibbs]

Phone number e-mail all your information
Text conversations just to get the confirmation
Take her to the crib lay her down like a patient
Beat it up and send her back to you
Big Mibbs I'm the hot hot fellow
Top gun bomber and a five o'clock shadow
Baby hop on I'ma be your saddle
Car got bumped take a ride on a camel
Got sneakerboxes filled up in my closet
Never sold dope but I'm real good with this rhyming
Got my own label don't asked me who I'm signed with
I'm independent nigga
Ask me who I'm signing
Getting wax out in sunny L.A
Flipping raps like my niggas serving ye
Put it in a pot stir it up make it shake
Bag it up put it on the street
Nigga let's get paid

[Chorus X2]
Filled up to the top
When notes being broke
Just wasn't an option
I get paid
Homie I get paid
Fuck what y'all talking bout
Fuck is y'all talking bout

[Verse 2]
Nighttime the Beamer feel like a spaceship
First thing yo bitch need is a facelift
Homie copped him a triple beam watch him weight lift
Might have cost him a couple beans but

[Verse 3]
Hey yo
Five in the morning off the yak
That's how players move
By the time I'm dustin off my drink
I can make the news
Corny niggas out here in the way
Man I ain't enthused
Thirsty for the shine got me
Trying to be a missing

[Verse 4]
I told you to the game
I'm glued I'm posted with my kinfolk
That choke up in yo chest
No you ain't smoking on pretendo

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