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The New Rockstars (Culture)

(Verse 1)
For years i said that I was a rocker
I been a cool kid, you know rolling & rocking
So hearing Ye spaz ain't shocking, he on topic
These niggas tryna ball but they just rock & jocking
The basket too tall, so tryna score ain't a option
Lupe i see exactly what the wickey wickey wack doing
So much dead wack music im throwing black tulips
These rap humans is bad moving like pat ewing
Traded to seattle after both his knee caps ruined
Mmmmm, when from my mama house to on a couch
Then a duplex chelsea whenever john was out
Yo shapiro, im like a pharaoh
Lets work, i can get our accounts comma's and zero's
Rockstar... With out the long hair and guitars
Wanna talk to god but for now i just stare at the stars
Im make you feel my wrath like elian gonz
Ales before he crossed the waters to get to the shores
Private art gallerys
Publishing checks is looking like ya salary
Throwing wine tastings with waitresses looking like sanaa lathan
Body painted serving drinks walking around naked
Ask theolophilus london about the dungeons
We performed in hustling to get people accustomed
To culture
Now its dinner parties at fly spots
Playing y-not, like why not? Cause im hot

(Verse 2)
Its right here Ye... Just ain't promoted
Even had marsha ambrosius sing about culture
Look at the vultures? Where the culprits?
These niggas need coaching im bout to be erik spoelstra
Yamamoto loafers... Black apple trench on my shoulders
On the 4th floor of the moma
Wall to wall paintings, life size posters
Im posted... Tall mimosa's on top of coasters
Standing on ostrich sofas
Some of these roaches act bogus
I pull up to the club in a lotus
They act like they don't notice
Until it get flooded... And then they wanna know us...
Thats Biblical!
Once it got flooded they wanna know us/Noahs
My man pull up in one too... Its like they cloned us
And they red... See... They prolly think im moses
The hip hop version of guns and roses
Im furious take it serious
Write till my fingers bleed on the pad to the last period
No monthly spike vests and zippered denim
Different countries, mic check... They think im lennon!
The black version of the beatles... Talk mean
Cirocolypse, warhol in 2014
Lincoln center, with fab 5... Really tho
Cultured, watching misty pose on her tippy toes

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