NotNo - Words from the Deceased Lyrics

Words from the Deceased

I've been out drinkin again
I know sometimes its wrong but
I just stopped trusting in chance
To help me, I know your saying it will
Be fine and
In the end will all be great but
I just can't find peace and ease
To help me get through these times cause
These are words from the deceased

[Verse 1]
I swear things in my life just aren't workin out for me
It might look big but wares out fast like D batteries
I'll give you some clarity
We workin endless hours just to make a decent salary
Then give half of what we make to the white house
Like we're a motherfuckin charity
I got insecurities, don't embarrass me
Embarrassingly unbearable
How do you survive knowing that your death is inevitable
Makin mistakes was never my goal
Hold the phone cause I never be home
Too busy at times, tryin to save kids minds
From being hypnotized to realize that their life is a lie
If you don't see what I mean clean your mind cause your blind
Intertwine with the letters with each rhyme so every time
The verb is hidden within the lines given the signs
They're devine but what you can't see with your eyes
Is what you can't believe with your mind
So you sit back and wonder how the fuck I summoned these chimes
Yea you know what they say about a straight edge
I guess when we see the flag and we pledge
All the pride we have left goes straight to our heads
We follow the crowds like its the walking dead and we're the zombies
Im walker lookin for a brain
But none of you have one so don't taunt me
Im promptly isolated, your faded, precipitated
While all the others participated to fuck up their lives
And get brain dead and beat their so called future wives
Then slice their throats with the knifes
And here I am
With truth serum and ridleyn
I thought I was makin the right decisions
But then again


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