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We The Champs (Duke vs. Carolina)

[Verse 1: Mibbs]
The coolest motherfuckers at the school in the bleachers
We break all the rules and still cool with the teachers
When I was 15 I was fuckin' my knees up
Baseline, lane drives, dunkin' like Ariza
Shit, ya ever seen us walkin' through the joint
And all the bad bitches point, we like the offspring of Jesus
Who you thought had the number one spot
Have a bad game and still make the last second shot
We the champs

Ooohhhhh ooh!
We the Champs!
Ooohhhhh ooh!
We the Champs!
Speak out!

[Verse 2: Like]
Nah man, they don't make them like me
Fly brown sky nigga, don't take me lightly
Cool as 'whatever man', I'm cool as the weather man
Your girl jock me like I'm in school with the lettermen
Who do it better than, these three gentlemen
You keep stumblin', we keep pedalin'
You seek deficits, we see presidents
Please keep three feet away from my residence
And I'm steppin' in they list, break this
Good like your mama's Kool-Aid is
Niggas on the sidelines always wanna hate this
See 'em on they iPods, while we on your playlists
Cause we the champs


[Verse 3: BeYoung]
Nah dog, I don't see problems, y'all tree ...
I'm so sporty see me in the page 3 column
Pay me dollars, gotta make cheese potna
I'm takin' all the apples, finna Steve Jobs 'em
You'se a point guard with knee problems, breeze by 'em
Grab the clipboard, find the coach, have a seat by 'em
Take the world in a week's timing
Make it back to crush niggas with they weak rhymin'
Three hydras can't cool 'em off
Fuck with me? What a foolish thought
Third grade I went to school and taught
No lectures, hardbody but the flow's precious
I bring it raw, nigga no extras
'Be You' was in my name, you clueless to the game
You see a nigga do it then you go and do the same
True. like blood blue up in my veins
You the type at Venice Beach, ... hoopin' for the chains
Peep game, I'm the clothes droppa, flow droppa
Kicks like a dojo, peep the low Pradas
Chicks by the boatload, go do' knockers
They play with my balls like Globetrotters


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